Princess Party: More than a Picture

We promote Intelligence, Curiosity, Hope, Kindness, Faith, Adventure, and Dreams in ALL of our Princes & Princesses! We are more than just a picture, we are a real life example of pure magic.


First & Foremost: Happy Magical Monday! We have started a brand new blogging adventure here at My Magical Memory in Bryan/College Station, in which we will be posting a new blog every Magical Monday & Fairytale Friday!

There may be a lot of you wondering “What’s so special about a Character coming to a party?” “Am I just paying for a few pictures?” “Is it really worth it?” etc.

Let me answer those questions for you in more detail below, but for right now just short & sweet…with us, you are getting a whole lot more than just a few, adorable pictures. You are getting forever memories, not just captured between you and a lens. For those of you who have never experienced a Character come to a party you’ve attended before, it’s hard to picture what to expect! What I want to do in this blog is walk you though HOW and WHY we create a very unique, special kind of magic at events!

Let the magic commence!

Staying True to Character

From the moment we knock at the door of your castle, to the moment we leave back to our own castles in our carriage, WE STAY IN CHARACTER! We take pride not only in our costumes and appearance, but our ability to stay true to how the character talks, walks, acts, and even the littlest details on the things they would talk about in their own stories!

For example, if our sweet Cinderella arrived to greet your little princess at the door, and she was wearing a gown very similar to hers, Cinderella would say “Why, hello Sweet Princess, you look like you had your Fairy Godmother make you a dress too! Are you going to a ball tonight? Remember, you can only stay until midnight, and don’t forget your glass slipper like I did!”

We also believe in the importance of promoting the qualities of our Character’s stories throughout each engagement we have at the party. Following with the Cinderella example, she is always finding ways to follow her Dreams! If Cinderella was at your party, she will make sure that every child shares their dreams, and reminds them to never stop trying to make those dreams come true!

We believe that if our performers are invested in the character whole heartedly, then it will be a much more meaningful experience not only for the kids who love these stories, but for the adults who love them too!

Basically an Event Coordinator

The best part about having a Princess come to your event is the fact that she will be the coordinator of each activity during the time she is there! She knows the ins and outs of how to make an event flow perfectly, and will guide not only the children, but also the adults through each step of the party.

Our Princess is also great at handling in-the-moment mini catastrophes, such as the Birthday Girl crying, no candles to make a wish, or a child that may be too shy to join in on the fun. She will make sure that each of these moments are handled with appropriate care, patience, and lots of creativity! With a princess there, you won’t need to worry about anything except HAVING FUN, and mingling with your guests!

Personal Touches

We are all about creating magic, and that means going above & beyond from before the event even starts, until even a week after the event ends!

On the night before each celebration, we like to call and leave a message (so don’t answer your magic phone!) for the Birthday Girl or Boy! We call this our  “Once Upon a Time” phone call, as we share a little bedtime story in the message to get them excited to see us at their party!

After the event ends, a Royal/Super Thank You Letter will be sent in the mail, addressed to the Birthday Girl/Boy, including a personal message from the Character themselves! If you send a photo within 3 days of the party to events@mymagicalmemory.com AND give us a super testimonial on Facebook, you can even get that picture SIGNED by the Character and sent to you in the magical letter! 

Forever a Kid

There is nothing better than letting loose, creating joy & laughter, and finding all the childhood wonderment that we had when we were little! Our Characters aren’t just there to be beautiful for those forever memories, but to engage all the children and adults with silliness and playfulness! You’ll even hear them tell you a Punny Princesss joke or two!

We truly think the key to the most successful party is when EVERYONE is smiling and giggling! Why? Because that’s when everyone starts truly believing they have stepped into their very own Fairytale, right in their own Living Room!


There is SO MUCH MORE to talk about when it comes to the magic we create, but for now…you’ll just have to find out by booking us  to truly see how we make every occasion magical!

with sparkles & magic,

Princess Sarah

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