Fairytale Friday- Mermaid Pool Party

“Fin”TASTIC Pool Party Ideas!

Happy Fairytale Friday!

Fairytale Friday, for us, will embrace all those little tips & tricks to make your child’s next event their own happily ever after. Creativity requires time, and sometimes you busy-bee’s might need a little help in the hive to make planning a little easier!

This Fairytale is sure to inspire all of our End-of-Summer parties! It’s the first week of August, and we all know Bryan/College Station, Texas has been creeping towards 100 degrees all week long. Basically, it’s just too hot to enjoy a party outside during the day. Yet, it’s the end of Summer, and we want to take advantage of it before School starts back up in just a few weeks. WHAT IS A PARTY PLANNER TO DO?!

Here is the magic answer: MERMAID POOL PARTY!

The best way to cool off outside is hosting your very own pool party! Why not skip the Luau theme, and go for the glitter, seashells, and magic? Our Sea Mermaid would LOVE to splish-splash and enjoy fun-in-the-sun with you! Contact us to book your next Mermaid Pool Party!

Below are a few ideas that we thought were “fin”-tastic! Be sure to catch/pin our favorite “under the sea” details by clicking on the images below:

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“We promote Intelligence, Curiosity, Hope, Kindness, Faith, Adventure, and Dreams in ALL of our Princes & Princesses! We are more than just a picture, we are a real life example of pure magic.”

with sparkles & magic,

Princess Sarah

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