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Break the Spell & Paint with Belle!

Happy Fairytale Friday!

This Magical Blog is in honor of our “Beauty” visiting UPaint-It this upcoming Sunday from 2-3:15 PM!

Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 6.26.56 PM557863_573278236032847_1078678330_n

If you haven’t already, call UPaint-It to reserve seats and paint either your own Princess, Rose bowl, or your own “Chip” Cup!

All information for this visit can be found here.

UPaint-It is truly a dream come true for anyone looking for a great space for events, group activities, or a space just for one-on-one time with your Prince & Princess! Painting allows your creativity to blossom by making something truly your own work of art for all ages!

If you are looking to spruce up your little one’s imagination as well as have a fun, bonding experience, here are a few painting opportunities UPaint-It has! Perfect for the upcoming holiday season!

IT’S PUMPKIN TIME! (If you are a true pumpkin lover, check out our pumpkin blog) Create some of these custom pumpkins at UPaint-It for only $65 for the customization, specialty glaze, electric light kit, and your studio fee! 21371003_1778614405499218_4031379993615967020_n

Want even more opportunities for customization? Need the perfect, magical piece to commemorate a milestone or capture a moment? These artists at UPaint-It can help you create an item you will cherish, whether just the finishing details or bringing your vision to fruition! Below are just a few examples of this experience!

Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 6.25.26 PM.png

And for all the busy Queen’s and King’s, there an opportunity to bring all this painting magic to your own castle! With their “Pottery-to-go”, they will send you home with the ceramic pieces of your choosing, paints, brushes, sponges and painting instructions. There is a firing fee (as opposed to a studio fee) of 35% of the pottery cost. That covers the paints, glazing and firing.  Once you have finished painting, you can bring the pottery back and they will take it from there! This is a great alternative for people with small children, or even for a painting party addition!

“We promote Intelligence, Curiosity, Hope, Kindness, Faith, Adventure, and Dreams in ALL of our Princes & Princesses! We are more than just a picture, we are a real life example of pure magic.”

with sparkles & magic,

Princess Sarah

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