Fairytale Friday

When is the BEST Time for a Party?

Happy Fairytale Friday!

For us Queen’s & King’s, it’s normal to come to a party in the evening, have a few sips of our “magic juice”, eat our dinner feast, mingle amongst the royal guests, and stay out later than normal (maybe not till the clock strikes midnight, that may be pushing it!). 

However, our itty-bitty little Princes/Superheroes/Princesses have a WAY different clock than us. So you may wonder WHY they are getting a little more cranky at the party, WHY they are aren’t interacting the way you would expect in front of their favorite princess, or WHY their energy is through the roof you can’t even hear yourself think! Well, it’s all about that magic timing. 

I have listed below some tips to find that perfect birthday party time/duration  depending on the kiddos in attendance for your next magical event!


If a majority of the kids are babies and toddlers up to three years old, when naptime is still a consideration, a one-hour/one and a half hour party is long enough (PERFECT for a Sweet & Simple Visit!) When the majority of the children are four to seven years old, plan on two hours for the party. By the time children are eight to eleven years old, they can easily handle a party up to 3 hours. 


Schedule parties for young children when they will be at their best, neither too sleepy nor too hungry. After nap time works well for toddlers; lunchtime is good for preschoolers. As kids grow older, timing becomes a less important factor. Children twelve are great at entertaining themselves (to an extent ofcourse), so they will likely want an evening party or sleepover.



Time of Day: After Nap Time
Duration: 1 Hour


Time of Day: Lunchtime or Late Afternoon
Duration: 1 to 1 1/2 hours


Time of Day: Early to Mid-Afternoon
Duration: 1 1/2 Hours to 2 1/2 Hours


Time of Day: Early to Mid-Afternoon
Duration:  2 1/2 Hours to 3 Hours

AGES 9 TO 10 and up

Time of Day: Mid- to Late Afternoon OR Evening/Sleepover
Duration: 3 Hours and up (All depending on location/time you choose!)

“We promote Intelligence, Curiosity, Hope, Kindness, Faith, Adventure, and Dreams in ALL of our Princes & Princesses! We are more than just a picture, we are a real life example of pure magic.”

with sparkles magic,

Princess Sarah


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