Magical Monday

Tips for a PERFECT Party for Shy Children!

Happy Magical Monday!

So a few of you amazing Queens & Kings have brought this question to my attention: Should I hire a Character if my child is really shy? Well, to be honest… not every child warms up to Characters the way we would want them to by running to them with big, open arms.  And not every child likes Huge Birthday parties in general. For a child who is more on the shy/introverted side… big, noisy parties are often events to be dreaded instead of celebrated.

So, you ask: “How can I mark these important milestones in a way that makes everyone happy, and my shy child doesn’t feel overwhelmed?”


The Home-Field Advantage

Some kids will feel most comfortable in their own home with a few chosen relatives and friends. Hold a small dinner party with the birthday child’s favorite meal as the main dish. You can still make an intimate gathering special with decorations, a fun game or two, plus a birthday cake.

Keep it Small

Shy children often would prefer to have one or two close friends instead of a ton of playmates.A simple after-school playdate with a couple of friends at home could be the perfect birthday celebration.

Make Attention Limited

Present opening and the Happy Birthday song can be excruciating experiences for kids who hate having all eyes on them. An easy solution is simply to have the child open the gifts later, after the guests have gone home. Also, Skip the cake/candle & singing “Happy Birthday” in front of your guests. Serving a non-traditional treat such as doughnuts or ice cream can be a hit (a bonus is that guests won’t expect candles). However, if you do decide to serve cake, make a dramatic entrance by carrying the cake into the room as the guests sing, so that all eyes are on the cake instead of the birthday girl or boy. Or dispense with the candles and song entirely. Before the event, let your child blow out the candles with just the family present. Take a picture to preserve the memory, then cut up the dessert. Handing out slices of cake or cupcakes at the party can circumvent the expected singing and candles.


The last thing you would expect to do for a shy child is hire a professional Character Performer. However, this is probably the best decision you will make. When booking, you can communicate to us the needs of your shy child, and we will cater our package and performance around them! Our performers have many years of experience working with children, and are trained to work with them based on their emotions, abilities, and environment!

We recently had a Princess Troll party for a very shy Birthday Girl, who was very nervous about participating and did not want to leave her parents side. However, our performer adapted the party activities around by making her and her friends feel safe, happy, and loved! In no time, the birthday girl started smiling, giving Princess Troll TONS of hugs, and had the most MAGICAL time!

Want more tips on making your next party magical? Contact us! We are here to help!

“We promote Intelligence, Curiosity, Hope, Kindness, Faith, Adventure, and Dreams in ALL of our Princes & Princesses! We are more than just a picture, we are a real life example of pure magic.”

with sparkles magic,

Princess Sarah

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