Fairytale Friday

Bring Their Favorite Character to the CLASSROOM!

Happy Fairytale Friday!

Last week, our Princess Troll had the most WONDERFUL opportunity to spread happiness, hugs, and magic to the ENTIRE Kindergarten class at Forest Ridge Elementary!

Not only did she share her story about Trollstice, Bergens, and her AWESOME hair, but they also enjoyed some fun magic tricks and Lessons on how to be the coolest Troll in the Village!

At the end of the event, each classroom got to take a picture with the Princess Troll, even the teachers!

The best part of the whole visit was the fact that not only was it on Halloween, but all the little Kinder-Trolls were dressed up in their Favorite Storybook Characters, and the Princess Troll commented on every single one with LOVE!

Teachers & Queen Mother’s, this idea is a winner. Bring a Character to their classroom for a Holiday Party, a Reward to the Class, or for an In-Class Birthday Surprise! We come in as “Volunteers” to make the whole visit possible! Contact us for more information!

“We promote Intelligence, Curiosity, Hope, Kindness, Faith, Adventure, and Dreams in ALL of our Princes & Princesses! We are more than just a picture, we are a real life example of pure magic.”

with sparkles magic,

Princess Sarah

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