Tea Party Etiquette from Alice!

Happy Magical Monday!

It’s never too early to teach children etiquette and manners, and a Springtime Tea Party is an excellent way to do so for little princesses, ESPECIALLY with one of our newest Character Additions: Miss Alice! Check out a delightful clip of her below!

If you are starting to plan your party now, Amazon has some wonderful decor for a wonderful tea party set-up.

Alice wanted to write down a few ways that she would be teaching them proper tea party etiquette, something the Mad Hatter doesn’t truly know quite yet!

Dress Etiquette

Dressing nicely is a part of having good etiquette, we like to call it your “Sunday Best”. Send out party invitations with a request for the guests to dress up for the party. You can give them suggestions on traditional tea party outfits and accessories, including pretty dresses, fancy hats, gloves and pearl necklaces. You could also pick up a variety of dress-up accessories that the guests can put on when they arrive at the party, which in the end can be even more fun!

Table Manners

Set up the table for the tea party and place name cards at each table setting. Have the princesses find their names but tell them to wait to sit down. Teach the girls that the guests are to wait for the host to pull out her chair first, before they can sit. They should also all enter their seats on the left so they do not bump into one another. The girls should then neatly place their napkin in their lap. The host is to pour the tea. Your children may technically be the hosts, but in the case of young children, adults (or Miss Alice)  should pour the tea into their cups. Teach the girls to ask politely for a cup of tea, using “please” and “thank you.” Remind the girls to place their hands in their laps when they are not using them.

Drinking Tea Etiquette

Show the girls how to lift the tea cups to their lips by holding the handle with their index finger and thumb, with the middle finger supporting the handle from underneath.  Tell the girls to pay attention to their tea when they are drinking to avoid spilling. Show the girls how to take small sips without slurping. It is a good idea to serve tea that is warm, but not boiling hot to prevent them from burning themselves. Alternatively, you can serve any type of juice/punch, warm apple cider, or even hot chocolate! You should also teach the girls to ask for food plates to be passed to them instead of reaching over someone. Most tea party snacks are finger foods, but remind the girls to eat over their plates and refrain from talking with food in their mouths. Chew with your mouth closed!

Polite Conversation

Teach the girls that at a tea party, it is rude to talk about certain subjects, no matter how funny the topic. Anything related to bodily functions and fluids is inappropriate. Words such as “gross” and “nasty” are not polite either. Steer the girls to neutral topics, such as the weather, school and interesting things they have done recently. When it is time to go, make sure the girls thank the hosts for inviting them. Later, have your kids write thank-you notes to each of their guests that you can mail the next day.

“We promote Intelligence, Curiosity, Hope, Kindness, Faith, Adventure, and Dreams in ALL of our Princes & Princesses! We are more than just a picture, we are a real life example of pure magic.”

with sparkles & magic,

Queen Sarah

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