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Our 5 Picture Perfect Party Moments!

Hello Queen’s & King’s!

Long time no post!

Today, we have been feeling those sparkly butterflies flying all in our stomachs about HOW MUCH we LOVE having our Character’s join in on your celebrations.

As we have been recently training new Performer’s, both Princess and Superhero/Prince (Be on the lookout for new Male Characters–Ice Harvester, Prince Charming, Rapunzel’s Ruffian, and even Captain USA!!), we can’t help but reminisce on our favorite moments in our Party Visits that are so special to not only you, but to us as well!

Below are a few INCREDIBLE picture perfect moments our Character’s want to make SURE you see in our Party Visits!

  1. The Face of the Princess or Superhero as they come through the Door 

    We love having the Birthday Girl or Boy and their friends greet our Character’s at the door! Not only do our Character’s faces light up as they see the kids and the “castle” for the first time, but the kids have that magic sparkle in their eyes too! If you can, try to get BOTH reactions at the same time, one person with a camera inside facing our Character, and one outside facing the kids or just the Birthday Girl/Boy!

  2. The Moment of the Gift

    We gift every Birthday Girl/Boy with either a Crown or Cape at the beginning of the visit, and to see their faces when they put it on for the first time is INCREDIBLE. Make sure to capture the moment when The Princess shows her in the magic mirror what she looks like, or when our Superhero puts on the cape for your Little Superhero for the first time and he flies around the room!

  3. A Photo/Video of Singing Happy Birthday (Make sure YOU are in it too!!!)

    We know you get so wrapped up towards the end of the visit when we are about to sing Happy Birthday by the cake prepping it for everyone to eat that you forget to take that picture or video of the Princess/Superhero standing next to the Birthday Girl/Boy! We especially want you and your family to be next to us! So, we recommend designating someone else to worry about the cake, and you to make sure either to be the one capturing the moment, or for someone else to capture it and come sing next to The Character!

  4. The Big Group Hug at the End

    Our Character’s ALWAYS end with a big group hug with all of the kids at the very end of our visits after singing Happy Birthday! We Countdown 1-2-3, and all the kids RUN into the Character’s arms! Want to see an example? How amazing is the picture of one of these moments below?35882297_1826736630711319_6231266152220196864_nand last but not least……

  5. The Special Moment Between the Birthday Girl or Boy Before Leaving

    After the Group Hug, our Character goes right up to the Birthday Girl/Boy and gives them one last special hug just between them. They ask them their favorite part of their birthday, and create one of our favorite magical moments right before our Character heads back to their own caste or Superhero City. Don’t overlook this special moment, it’s definitely our favorite hands down!!

Have party questions? Need a photographer to capture these memories? Want to book our Character’s to create Magical Memory’s like these for your little one?

Email us TODAY!! 

“We promote Intelligence, Curiosity, Hope, Kindness, Faith, Adventure, and Dreams in ALL of our Princes & Princesses! We are more than just a picture, we are a real life example of pure magic.”

with sparkles & magic,

Queen Sarah


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