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Our 5 Picture Perfect Party Moments!

Hello Queen's & King's! Long time no post! Today, we have been feeling those sparkly butterflies flying all in our stomachs about HOW MUCH we LOVE having our Character's join in on your celebrations. As we have been recently training new Performer's, both Princess and Superhero/Prince (Be on the lookout for new Male Characters--Ice Harvester,… Continue reading Our 5 Picture Perfect Party Moments!

Magical Monday

The “Be Our Guest” Painting Event!

Happy Magical Monday! We wanted to share with you the magical Princess Event we had this past weekend at UPaint-It in College Station, Texas! Our “Beauty” was invited to share her story, teach some french, and paint! We painted little “Beauty” look-alikes, Rose Bowls, Chips, & Mrs. Pott’s! “Beauty” loved going around to each child… Continue reading The “Be Our Guest” Painting Event!

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Break the Spell & Paint with Belle!

Happy Fairytale Friday! This Magical Blog is in honor of our “Beauty” visiting UPaint-It this upcoming Sunday from 2-3:15 PM! If you haven’t already, call UPaint-It to reserve seats and paint either your own Princess, Rose bowl, or your own “Chip” Cup! All information for this visit can be found here. UPaint-It is truly a… Continue reading Break the Spell & Paint with Belle!

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“Beauty’s” Top 5 Inspirational Children’s Books

Happy Fairytale Friday! First and foremost, we are dedicating today's "tips" blog on this lovely Fairytale Friday to our darling & intelligent "Beauty" Character who is having her royal grand entrance at Southwood Grace Bible Campus! Be sure to check out our Blog on Magical Monday for pictures and details on the event! Now, "Beauty"… Continue reading “Beauty’s” Top 5 Inspirational Children’s Books