Magical Monday

Have a Holiday Photoshoot with US!

Happy Magical Monday! Are you attempting to cram in a last minute photoshoot for the Holiday's? Make it easy and simple by having one of our Character's join in the fun with your little ones! Nothing says holiday magic like having a Tinker Fairy or a Magic Elf in your Holiday Photos for all your… Continue reading Have a Holiday Photoshoot with US!

Magical Monday

Perks of Being a Princess: Why Audition?

Happy Magical Monday! I wanted to dedicate this blog not just to Queen's & King's, but to Future Princesses & Superheroes looking to create magic in children's lives (and even the adults lives, too!). For a lot of you, the idea of "performing" may be the word that scares you away from going after this… Continue reading Perks of Being a Princess: Why Audition?

Fairytale Friday

Wayfinder Cupcake Recipe!

Happy Fairytale Friday! We are completely inspired by our ADORABLE new Wayfinder Princess, and excited to say she will be making her an appearance at a Luau-themed party with our Mermaid Princess TOMORROW! We are so excited to let the tide roll-in and have some fun with the other Little Wayfinders! Our inspiration comes from… Continue reading Wayfinder Cupcake Recipe!