Magical Monday

5 Tips to FINALLY make Bedtime EASY!

Happy Magical Monday!  *YAAAWWWWN* Anyone feeling like Sleeping Beauty today, wanting 100 years of sleep? When it comes to children and sleep, one of the most frequent concerns is how to get them to bed on time every night. The struggle to put your little Prince/Princess to sleep can cause a strain on both you… Continue reading 5 Tips to FINALLY make Bedtime EASY!

Fairytale Friday

“Web-Shooting” Party Game Idea!

Happy Fairytale Friday! My Magical Memory has been BUZZING with Superhero requests, especially for our Spiderguy! Since so many parties are coming up for this Spidey-Hero , we thought we could help you Super Mom's find a cool way to entertain the kids at your next event! What better way to celebrate with Spiderguy than… Continue reading “Web-Shooting” Party Game Idea!

Fairytale Friday

Bippiti-Boppiti-Pumpkin Spice!

Happy Fairytale Friday!  It's September 1st, and that means it's time for all your Fairy Godmother's to make your Fall Dreams Come True and say "Bippiti-Boppiti-PUMPKIN FLAVORED EVERYTHING!" Cinderella, obviously, is obsessed with Pumpkins. Yes, they can turn into carriages, and they are great decor for your vegetable garden, but they ALSO are full of… Continue reading Bippiti-Boppiti-Pumpkin Spice!

Fairytale Friday

Rapunzel’s Tips for a Rainy Weekend Indoors!

Happy Fairytale Friday! If you have been keeping an eye on the news/weather updates recently, or even looked outside your Castle window, you might be anxiously prepping for Hurricane Harvey that will be coming soon. The storm is leaving your family trapped indoors for the weekend, and unsure of how to keep yourself not only… Continue reading Rapunzel’s Tips for a Rainy Weekend Indoors!

Magical Monday

Opportunity to CREATE MAGIC in BCS!

Happy Magical Monday! ANNOUNCEMENT: My Magical Memory is looking to expand their Magical Cast! Open Audition September 2nd (LESS THAN TWO WEEKS AWAY!!!) YES.  You heard right! This is not a dream! We are on the lookout out for Character Performer’s to add to our team. We are primarily seeking “Wayfinder Princess” look-a-likes, and Superhero… Continue reading Opportunity to CREATE MAGIC in BCS!

Fairytale Friday, Uncategorized

“Beauty’s” Top 5 Inspirational Children’s Books

Happy Fairytale Friday! First and foremost, we are dedicating today's "tips" blog on this lovely Fairytale Friday to our darling & intelligent "Beauty" Character who is having her royal grand entrance at Southwood Grace Bible Campus! Be sure to check out our Blog on Magical Monday for pictures and details on the event! Now, "Beauty"… Continue reading “Beauty’s” Top 5 Inspirational Children’s Books