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Our 5 Picture Perfect Party Moments!

Hello Queen's & King's! Long time no post! Today, we have been feeling those sparkly butterflies flying all in our stomachs about HOW MUCH we LOVE having our Character's join in on your celebrations. As we have been recently training new Performer's, both Princess and Superhero/Prince (Be on the lookout for new Male Characters--Ice Harvester,… Continue reading Our 5 Picture Perfect Party Moments!

Magical Monday

Have a Holiday Photoshoot with US!

Happy Magical Monday! Are you attempting to cram in a last minute photoshoot for the Holiday's? Make it easy and simple by having one of our Character's join in the fun with your little ones! Nothing says holiday magic like having a Tinker Fairy or a Magic Elf in your Holiday Photos for all your… Continue reading Have a Holiday Photoshoot with US!

Fairytale Friday

Bring Their Favorite Character to the CLASSROOM!

Happy Fairytale Friday! Last week, our Princess Troll had the most WONDERFUL opportunity to spread happiness, hugs, and magic to the ENTIRE Kindergarten class at Forest Ridge Elementary! Not only did she share her story about Trollstice, Bergens, and her AWESOME hair, but they also enjoyed some fun magic tricks and Lessons on how to… Continue reading Bring Their Favorite Character to the CLASSROOM!

Fairytale Friday

Wayfinder Cupcake Recipe!

Happy Fairytale Friday! We are completely inspired by our ADORABLE new Wayfinder Princess, and excited to say she will be making her an appearance at a Luau-themed party with our Mermaid Princess TOMORROW! We are so excited to let the tide roll-in and have some fun with the other Little Wayfinders! Our inspiration comes from… Continue reading Wayfinder Cupcake Recipe!

Magical Monday

Make The Aggie Gameday MAGICAL!

Happy Magical Monday!   We are currently in football season, and I know you Aggie Families LOVE Gameday’s (This Princess was previously a Longhorn, but is currently being morphed into an Aggie as well!). The food is great, the beer is great, the company is great, but the one thing that can be hard to… Continue reading Make The Aggie Gameday MAGICAL!