Fairytale Friday

Bring Their Favorite Character to the CLASSROOM!

Happy Fairytale Friday! Last week, our Princess Troll had the most WONDERFUL opportunity to spread happiness, hugs, and magic to the ENTIRE Kindergarten class at Forest Ridge Elementary! Not only did she share her story about Trollstice, Bergens, and her AWESOME hair, but they also enjoyed some fun magic tricks and Lessons on how to… Continue reading Bring Their Favorite Character to the CLASSROOM!

Fairytale Friday

“Web-Shooting” Party Game Idea!

Happy Fairytale Friday! My Magical Memory has been BUZZING with Superhero requests, especially for our Spiderguy! Since so many parties are coming up for this Spidey-Hero , we thought we could help you Super Mom's find a cool way to entertain the kids at your next event! What better way to celebrate with Spiderguy than… Continue reading “Web-Shooting” Party Game Idea!

Magical Monday

Rapunzel Visits Downtown Bryan’s Murals!

Happy Magical Monday! AND LABOR DAY! “Art strengthens communities, drives tourism, and fosters an environment of creativity and innovation. Through the West 31st Street Murals, we aim to engage the creative sector to capture the spirit of our city and to further the mission of the Downtown Bryan Association to create, cultivate, and showcase the… Continue reading Rapunzel Visits Downtown Bryan’s Murals!