Magical Monday

Magical Candy in College Station!

Happy Magical Monday! We at My Magical Memory sure have a sweet tooth! Even at our Fairytale Ball coming soon on April 21st, we are dedicating all of our treats to SWEETS! We are having an amazing Candy/Snack Buffet with a huge part of it being from "Hey Sugar", a new shop to open here… Continue reading Magical Candy in College Station!

Fairytale Friday

Wayfinder Cupcake Recipe!

Happy Fairytale Friday! We are completely inspired by our ADORABLE new Wayfinder Princess, and excited to say she will be making her an appearance at a Luau-themed party with our Mermaid Princess TOMORROW! We are so excited to let the tide roll-in and have some fun with the other Little Wayfinders! Our inspiration comes from… Continue reading Wayfinder Cupcake Recipe!

Magical Monday

Rapunzel Visits Downtown Bryan’s Murals!

Happy Magical Monday! AND LABOR DAY! “Art strengthens communities, drives tourism, and fosters an environment of creativity and innovation. Through the West 31st Street Murals, we aim to engage the creative sector to capture the spirit of our city and to further the mission of the Downtown Bryan Association to create, cultivate, and showcase the… Continue reading Rapunzel Visits Downtown Bryan’s Murals!

Fairytale Friday, Uncategorized

“Beauty’s” Top 5 Inspirational Children’s Books

Happy Fairytale Friday! First and foremost, we are dedicating today's "tips" blog on this lovely Fairytale Friday to our darling & intelligent "Beauty" Character who is having her royal grand entrance at Southwood Grace Bible Campus! Be sure to check out our Blog on Magical Monday for pictures and details on the event! Now, "Beauty"… Continue reading “Beauty’s” Top 5 Inspirational Children’s Books