Magical Monday

The “Be Our Guest” Painting Event!

Happy Magical Monday! We wanted to share with you the magical Princess Event we had this past weekend at UPaint-It in College Station, Texas! Our “Beauty” was invited to share her story, teach some french, and paint! We painted little “Beauty” look-alikes, Rose Bowls, Chips, & Mrs. Pott’s! “Beauty” loved going around to each child… Continue reading The “Be Our Guest” Painting Event!

Fairytale Friday, Uncategorized

Break the Spell & Paint with Belle!

Happy Fairytale Friday! This Magical Blog is in honor of our “Beauty” visiting UPaint-It this upcoming Sunday from 2-3:15 PM! If you haven’t already, call UPaint-It to reserve seats and paint either your own Princess, Rose bowl, or your own “Chip” Cup! All information for this visit can be found here. UPaint-It is truly a… Continue reading Break the Spell & Paint with Belle!