Top 5

Our 5 Picture Perfect Party Moments!

Hello Queen's & King's! Long time no post! Today, we have been feeling those sparkly butterflies flying all in our stomachs about HOW MUCH we LOVE having our Character's join in on your celebrations. As we have been recently training new Performer's, both Princess and Superhero/Prince (Be on the lookout for new Male Characters--Ice Harvester,… Continue reading Our 5 Picture Perfect Party Moments!

Fairytale Friday

“Web-Shooting” Party Game Idea!

Happy Fairytale Friday! My Magical Memory has been BUZZING with Superhero requests, especially for our Spiderguy! Since so many parties are coming up for this Spidey-Hero , we thought we could help you Super Mom's find a cool way to entertain the kids at your next event! What better way to celebrate with Spiderguy than… Continue reading “Web-Shooting” Party Game Idea!

Magical Monday

Perks of Being a Princess: Why Audition?

Happy Magical Monday! I wanted to dedicate this blog not just to Queen's & King's, but to Future Princesses & Superheroes looking to create magic in children's lives (and even the adults lives, too!). For a lot of you, the idea of "performing" may be the word that scares you away from going after this… Continue reading Perks of Being a Princess: Why Audition?